What Do We Do?

Online Lawyer for StartUps

Worry about your business, we offer you the permanent legal support you need.

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Create your Fintech by design – We can help you!

We understand Fintech Companies requirements and we can help you creating yours

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M&A Operations

Identify legal risks that may affect your business and avoid unnecessary penalties.

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Business contracts

Design and negotiate understandable contracts that guarantee legal certainty.

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Corporate law

Negotiate and close your corporate operations with the legal advisors you dreamed of having.

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Fintech Regulated Entities

Create a Fintech business and design your strategy solving that market pain and get regulated with us. Provide full legal certainty to your customers.

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Blockchain, Security & Utility Tokens

Trustworthy Blockchain lawyers at your disposal.

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Intellectual property

Protect your scientific, artistic, and literary creations and secure your innovations.

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Data Protection by design

Make sure you comply correctly with the General Data Protection

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Who We Are

We are leaders in legal and financial consulting for International Fintech and Tech companies.

We adapt to your Fintech project, providing the key legal approach for its success.

Our wide business understanding at project management and in flow of funds, helps us identify the proper legal and Compliance assessment your company needs.

We issue Mobile Money Licenses, Electronic Money Entity Licenses, Payment Entity, Crypto Regulation, Crypto Exchange licenses. We cover all areas for you startup such as KYC/AML, GDPR & LOPD 2.0 Data Protection, Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks.

Startups legal needs Regulated entities

  • 1 Legal advice for startups
  • 2 Share holder agreements
  • 3 Board Resolutions
  • 4 Capital raise structures
  • 5 Setting up your company
  • 6 Employment contracts

Clients and Mentor Collaborations

Latest News

21 October

¿Qué es WEB3?

¿Qué es WEB3? Mucha gente está hablando de Blockchain y la nueva era WEB3 y de cómo va afectar al ecosistema y a los negocios en general y en ocasiones me preguntan ¿Qué es WEB3? Web3 es una nueva tecnología y la podríamos describir en 3 principales bloques, 1. En primer lugar, Web3 es tecnología […]

31 August

Security Token ¿Qué ventajas tiene tokenizar mi empresa?

¿Qué es un Security Token? Se trata de un token que otorga una expectativa de revalorización a un activo digital ya sean bonos, acciones o cualquier instrumento financiero admitido a negociación. ¿Qué implica emitir security Tokens? Poder tokenizar un instrumento financiero implica digitalizar ese activo y la posibilidad de poder comercializarlo en un mercado secundario, […]