We have long experience creating International Fintech companies and we can help you create your own company and raising funds for it.


  • EMI (Electronic Money Institution).
  • PI (Payment Institution).
  • Asset Management Services.
  • Payment Gateway Provider.
  • Crowdfunding Platform.
  • NeoBanks.

We will help you understand the right regulation and path to go through to operate in a sustainable way, using the proper rules as,

  • EBA Regulation,
  • Crypto, Mica, CASP Services regulation,
  • Travel rule,
  • Dora,
  • Prevention Of Money Laundering Compliance Rules. (KYC, AML),
  • Data Protection Compliance Services, Privacy rules,
  • Preparation And Negotiation any Type Of Contract. (SaaS, commercial, service provider),
  • Advertisement And E Commerce Regulation For Any Tech Company,Web Site Audit,
  • Intellectual Property.