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We are leaders in legal and financial consulting for International Fintech and Tech companies.

We adapt to your Fintech project, providing the key legal approach for its success. 

Our wide business understanding at project management and in flow of funds, helps us identify the proper legal and Compliance assessment your company needs.  

We issue Mobile Money Licenses, Electronic Money Entity Licenses, Payment Entity, Crypto Regulation, Crypto Exchange licenses.

PSD2 asesment on AISP, PISP,

Robo Advisors, , AML, GDPR & LOPD 2.0 Data Protection, Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks. We Work for International SME, startups and Telco´s 


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Is Consumer lending a profitable business in Spain?

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Is Consumer lending a profitable business in Spain so far? Consumer Court CLAIMS are impacting massively the lending sector. And it’s something that effects consumer lending on its whole, no matter if its online lending,...

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