We can help you building a strong compliance approach by implementing

● Rules related to Anti Money Laundering and implementing proper KYC or KYB procedures,
● Data Protection coverage and structure to the whole business,
● Compiling with consumer´s regulation (depending on Eu Directives or national consumer protection), its direct application will depend on the business activity, if B2B or B2C and the focus of the business reputation to avoid potential customer claims,
●Commercial Regulation (contracts rules),
Financial Regulations coming from National Banks that depending if we are located in EU or US or APAC may difere at some or many points,
●Main binding information will need to be communicated to the customer or users by email or on the home webpage, and will need to be accepted by consent by accepting the binding Terms and Conditions, which will be quite significant on how businesses approach customers.

Moreover and on top of the purely compliance and regulation for the fintech activity, aside topics will also need to be covered and reviewed such as the Board of directors regulatory structure and the implications of the clauses in the agreements, its rights and obligations, the impact of financial and Capital Rounds which will entail a specific Support to the business where necessary.

EMI Electronic money institution,
and that will entail further requirements, Minimum social capital, 350.000€ and that license enables to perform as payment service, issue credit cards, Iban numbers, crow accounts, Mobile wallets,

Also AISP license enables bank account reader. These type of licenses enables connecting to several bank accounts and its data through API. Customer must approved previous consent.
These type of solution provides a wide knowledge on the credit risk side, for investment firms, or insurance.

PISP license, which means enabling payments without needing a credit card on the customer payment flow. PSD2 allows users to operate around Eu by passporting the license

PE (Payment Entity) license enables a fintech to Secure funds, Operate to transfer funds in marketplaces, Operate as an exchange cryptocurrency and Process transactions as payment gateway, moreover if you are a B2B focused business also enable you to transfer remittances through business.  the capital requirement is 125.000€.