Main information you need to have before planning to regulate a Fintech Business.

Key indicators

  1. Core Product
  2. Technology
  3. Presence- location
  4. Milestones as partnerships
  5. Team
  6. Financial statement or Business plan

The regulatory regime will depend on the business model.

Target the Market you are approaching and the product you offer

  • Whats your core product
  • Make a service description
  • Flow of funds description
  • Are you B2B or B2C?
  • Who’s your customer, entities, internet users?
  • Which solution are you bringing to the market?
  • Are you storing funds?
  • Are you transferring funds?
  • Are you using a 3dr party provider to operate?
  • KYC/KYB Onboarding process


Are you already operating

Where are you planning to set your office?

Is the mother company going to control de the new entity?

Is any new shareholder pretending to control more tat a 10% of the shares?

Current corporate business structure, if there is one.


What is the appropriate License Regime for your company?

Is the company going to store funds?

Is going to provide wallets for customers?

Enable a bank account or scow account

Enable a Debit card?

Is the company going to invest in other companies?

Are your customers going to get a return from investment?

Are you pretending to finance consumers or SME?