Payment institution


Investment frm

Minimum Capital

125,000€ Payment institution

50,000€ remitances only business


•730,000€ market markers and full range investment firms

•125,000€ for asset managers who are not market makers

•50,000€ the firm does not hold client money

Service Covered


•Operating Marketplaces

•Secunding funds

•Process transactions gateway services

•All payment service

•Issuing cards

•Mobile wallets

•Executing investment transactions of customers

•Asset managers

•Fund managers

•Investment advisors


Operations Consulting

We carry out consultancy in operational processes, both in identifying the data necessary to perform the service, as well as in the creation of processes and maps to operate in an agile and effective way and give a better user experience.

We attach importance to  Customer Onboarding where the company must offer a fast, efficient and legal data capture and management process.

We help establish the protocol to adapt the process that ensures the correct management of the data. Both from a data protection point of view, such as fraud prevention and money laundering prevention. The "Know your Customer process" process will be essential to comply with the existing regulation as well as a good treatment of our customers' data.