Regulated Fintech entities

[18-agosto-22 16:11:47]
Payment Entity.  Payment Entity license enables a fintech to Secure funds, Operate to transfer funds in marketplaces, Operate as an exchange cryptocurrency and Process transactions...

Fintech Compliance and regulation

[18-agosto-22 16:08:17]
Compliance and regulation in fintech include Board of directors regulatory structure and the implications of the clauses in the agreements, its rights and obligations, the...

Data, the key driver for Fintech startups

[18-agosto-22 16:05:55]
Data, Capturing data from customers and its treatment for financial purposes is key for any fintech business. Data will enable any fintech business measure and...


Claves del sector FinTECH

Claves del sector FinTECH

[23-septiembre-21 12:14:52]
LOS INDICADORES CLAVE DEL NEGOCIO DE CROWD LENDING. Actualmente los marketplaces como herramienta